Safety Planning

A Safe Path Forward

You have the right to live free from violence.  You deserve to be listened to and supported.  You have the right to your own opinions and the right to pursue your own happiness! You deserve to realize your own dreams.

Domestic Violence is a pattern of one person exerting power and control over another in the context of dating, family or household relationships.  There are several types of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, and financial are the most common.

Creating a Safety Plan and thinking through your options and resources can make the difference between life and death. Trust your judgement and instincts and take measures that ensure you and your children’s welfare. The Crisis Center for South Suburbia is here for you 24/7. We are only a phone call away…1-708-429-SAFE (7233).

Safety Plan – English

Customize your own safety plan to your situation – English

Safety Plan – Espanol

Personaliza tu propio plan de seguridad aquí – Espanol

Working towards a Safe Path Forward is not easy, but we believe in you!

You can do this! You are not alone.

Help is a phone call away 24/7 – 1-708-429-SAFE (7233)

Stay Positive. Plan ahead. Stick to your plan.  Your best future is waiting for you.

A Safe Path Forward is a tool to help you make the changes necessary for you and your children to live abuse free.  It’s never too soon – or too late – to admit there is a problem and seek help!

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