Crisis Center for South Suburbia encouraging acts of kindness in memory of co-founder’s birthday

Dianne Masters

Over the past few months the Crisis Center for South Suburbia has been the fortunate recipient of incredible generosity and acts of kindness. Our community has supported us in countless ways such as paying for warm, delicious meals to be delivered to our clients in shelter, donating furniture and other necessities to outfit clients’ transitional housing apartments, and giving generously to our Spring Appeal to replenish our Emergency Services Program, to name just a few.

These acts of kindness help the Crisis Center better serve victims of domestic violence and their children, which is what Crisis Center co-founder Dianne Masters was all about. Dianne was dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence with kindness, compassion and resources. Tragically, one of those victims was Dianne, who was brutally murdered at the age of 35 in a plot devised by her husband. Her legacy lives on in the Crisis Center, which has served more than 60,000 people in the 41 years since its inception.

Dianne would have turned 74 years old on June 26.

To pay forward the kindness received during these challenging times, the Crisis Center is asking all of its supporters to do something kind for someone else between June 26 and June 28 in memory of Dianne, whose commitment to helping victims of domestic violence inspired so many.

The Crisis Center is also asking supporters to help spread kindness by sharing what they did – either by commenting on their June 26 post on Facebook at, e-mailing, or tagging the Crisis Center in their own post with the hashtag #DoItForDianne.

Dianne’s story was a highly publicized crime representing the ultimate cost associated with domestic violence. Every nine seconds a woman becomes a victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior in any intimate relationship whereby one partner seeks to gain or maintain power and control over the other. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic and psychological. Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, religion or gender. Domestic violence affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels.

If you or someone you love is a victim of domestic violence, call our 24-hour hotline at (708) 429-SAFE (7233).

For the past 41 years, the Crisis Center for South Suburbia has been providing safe haven and support to adults and children who are victims of domestic violence. Today, the organization offers shelter and housing, counseling, outreach, advocacy and community education.