Honey’s Story

Honey’s story is one of the many heart-warming success stories of survivors who come to the Crisis Center. Her positivity and
resilience inspires everyone around her to realize the hope and opportunity that life has to offer even in the wake of trauma. She truly embodies the strength and perseverance of one who is no longer a victim, but a SURVIVOR.

During her ten years of marriage, her husband’s abusive behavior grew progressively more violent. Fueled by alcoholism and drugs, verbal attacks started to become physical and eventually turned nearly fatal. One day, after another physical attack, she decided that she had had enough. She was referred to the Crisis Center, first by her community police department, then by the ER staff of the hospital.

It was at the Crisis Center that Honey began to rebuild her life. Her son was six years old when they arrived. From December 2013 to April 2014, they stayed in the residential shelter. Through
Crisis Center services, Honey had the opportunity to begin the process of healing and discovering the person she had lost.

Honey had gained so much from CCSS that she was able to move into transitional housing and take care of herself and her son. For two years, she worked with CCSS staff to set new life goals and utilize the resources available to her through the Center to create a stable, loving environment for her family.

Today, Honey works as a Dispatch Operator and driver for an ambulance company, fully supporting herself and her, now, 9 year old son. They both still receive counseling services through Crisis Center to continue the life-long process of healing.